• Xion International Convent School has taken charge of Vivekananda
    Global School. Sec -7 extn.from session 2017-18.

  • Admissions for new session will start from 1st September 2017.

To make the students ever ready for learning because learning is a lifelong process and it is the Endeavour of our school that we always come forward to make the student informed, creative and sensitive to the involvement of learner’s heart and soul .X ion international convent school inspire to provide quality education to encourage lateral and innovative thinking which would repair students for a world of change and empower them to manage their future.

“Coming together is a beginning, working together is progress and staying together is success,”               

Here the maximum efforts of the  dedicated teacher is on the all round development on each XIONITES. This is the reason due to which fragrance of school is spreading all over Gurgaon and we all do feel the aroma of XION.



I:- Impeccable- Here we try to create the perfectness not in academics but in all aspects.

O:- Optimum- Here we enable t a child to be at the top in everything and mould to be the best.

N:- Novel – Besides proving deep rooted value , we nature all the new ideology based on Globalization .


A journey of thousand miles begins with the single steps .”This famous Chinese proverbs justify the events happen in last years.


Guiding Philosophy 

The edifice of the school and its moral fabric is guided by Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya  i.e., ‘from darkness unto light’ and its motto ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ constantly guides and motivates the staff and students alike.  Our goal is to achieve excellence in every field be it academics, sports, art or cultural activities.  Every child is encouraged to achieve his / her optimum performance level.  
The school seeks to strike a dynamic balance between the need for education as understood in its simplest form i.e., the curricular and the intellectual, physical, mental, aesthetic and moral development of its students.  Special emphasis is also laid on value education, personality development and for social and environmental awareness as important areas of education.  In this regard the school encourages children of less fortunate and economically backward classes to join hands with the mainstream and interact with each other as one cohesive unit.  
The school not only participates in various inter-school competitions but also plays host to a number of competitions, debates, declamations, musical dance-drama extravaganzas, poetry, recitation, quizzing, science symposia and extempore competitions with active student participation.  The school is proud of being capable of providing a pleasing and conducive learning environment encapsulated with a spirit of close bonding and sharing between the teachers and students.


Our policy follows naturally from our philosophy. It provides necessary guidance to enable us to make daily decision  deign to promote those values by which we live. We may have to be modified from time to time to meet changing situations